PANTONE Studio - New App Brings Insta-Ready Color and Inspiration to Your Device

PANTONE Studio: New App Brings Insta-Ready Color & Inspiration to Your Device

Pantone has today launched a brand new digital app that brings color and inspiration to your device. PANTONE Studio lets users capture colors that inspire them in everyday life and convert them into palettes and digital artwork ready for social sharing, all in one on-the-go platform. This app also holds Pantone's undisputed color expertise, featuring their comprehensive library of standardized hues for graphics, and inspiring color trend content from the Pantone Color Institute.

Intuitively designed by full-service digital agency Rokkan with the designer in mind, PANTONE Studio provides greater convenience in capturing Pantone color, building and testing that color in palettes, and sharing work directly into design software, on social media, or with friends, clients, and collaborators.

"Fifty-three years ago, Pantone was introduced as a standardized language to communicate specific colors in the print market," said SVP and General Manager, Ron Potesky. "Today, Pantone has become iconic and indispensable as the de facto language of color across design disciplines, as well as a source of color intelligence and inspiration. Recognizing the needs of designers today, we created PANTONE Studio to provide a place where they can explore, capture, create and share color inspiration with friends and colleagues."

Palette creation brings color to life in PANTONE Studio. Members can build palettes consisting of up to five colors, selecting from color guides, extracting color from photos and images, searching by color number, and interacting with the custom palettes delivered by Pantone Color InstituteTM (PCI).

Within the Studio members can apply colors against different template designs including graphics, interiors, and typography. As an experimental feature, designers can also visualize PANTONE Colors on pliable 3D papers and fabrics.