Propeller Wins Red Dot Award - Product Design 2008

Propeller Wins Red Dot Award: Product Design 2008

Propeller has won one of the design world's most prestigious prizes, the red dot, award for its ASKO Line Series washing machines and dryers, designed for the Swedish house hold appliance company Asko Cylinda AB.

Propellers has shown creativity and an innovative drive that pays a tribute to high quality standards of the product and is therefore awarded with the prestigious red dot award for product design 2008. Product and Interaction Design Propeller has in collaboration with ASKO created a design strategy for the new product line of washing machines and dryers; focusing on making a product that is easy to use while at the same time has a unique style expression to differentiate ASKO on the market amongst competitors. The work resulted in the product design and Interaction design of the ASKO Line Series.

The washing machine introduces a new mode of interaction, more logical and is based on a single line, left-to-right, interaction that intuitively guides the user through different options. The new mode of interaction design is combined with a Scandinavian pure design, durable construction and ecological concern.

Since 1955, the red dot awards have recognized outstanding design and ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. For 2008 there were 7,000 submissions from 60 countries. An international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to the criteria as degree of innovation, functionality and the formal quality. The red dot awards will be presented on 25 June 2008 at the Essen Opera House, Germany.


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