Teague Delivers Award-Winning Design

Teague Delivers Award-Winning Design

Committed to redefining luxury in the skies, Emirates Airline and the Boeing Company recently teamed with Seattle-based industrial design firm, Teague, and Paris-based Pierrejean Design Studio, to develop a completely new passenger experience for their 777 first class cabin.

Renowned for its 60 year contribution to aviation design, Teague was invited to create an unprecedented architecture for the Door 1 Entry and First Class Cabin that would complement the cabin's MiniSuites, designed and developed by Emirates and Pierrejean Design Studio. "We aspire to create environments that evoke a sense of adventure," said Ken Dowd, vice president of Teague's Aviation Studio. "Considering the complete passenger experience ensures we are able to deliver on that desire."

The collaborative effort resulted in a peerless design, both modern and iconic, but with echoes of the region's rich history. The Door 1 Entry features a new lining architecture with a completely redesigned lowered ceiling and an arabesque dome lit internally with LEDs that emulate the night sky. The first class cabin boasts a 3-meter vaulted ceiling that seems to disappear as mood lighting evolves from a morning glow into sunset, then twilight as stars twinkle overhead. LED star lighting is configured to replicate the night sky as viewed from 25 degrees 18'N -- the latitude of Dubai.

"As a world leader in innovation, it is always our goal to exceed expectations," said Mahmood Ameen, Emirates vice president of engineering projects. "This is a first class cabin that reflects a truly first class experience."

In early March, the 777 First Class Interior was awarded the red dot' distinction for high design quality. With more than 7,000 submissions from 60 countries, the international Red Dot Design Award ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. The award is a seal of quality and stands for membership of the best in design and business. Photography of the 777 First Class Interior will be on display from June 24 to July 27 in the winner's exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum in Germany.


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