Nike Launches the Hyperdunk - Its Lightest and Strongest Basketball Shoe Ever

Nike Launches the Hyperdunk: Its Lightest and Strongest Basketball Shoe Ever

Nike and Kobe Bryant launched the Nike Hyperdunk, Nike's lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever and one of the many superior, lightweight performance product innovations the company unveiled to support athletes from over 100 countries who will compete for gold in 32 sports in Beijing this summer.

"Our performance product for Beijing is some of the best work Nike has ever done," said Nike President and CEO Mark Parker. "The Nike Hyperdunk is a prime example of our commitment to deliver extraordinary innovation and lightweight performance product to the world's best athletes. Every gram counts in competition. Athletes need superior lightweight footwear and apparel that they can compete in with confidence and that's exactly what we've created for them."

Parker and Kobe introduced the Nike Hyperdunk to media from around the world who came to the company's World Headquarters to witness Nike's innovative assortment of Beijing-related performance product. The product ranges from footwear using lightweight technology fibers stronger than bullet proof vests and Lunarlite foam cushioning to Nike Swift performance apparel using recycled polyester.

At only 13.0 ounces, the Nike Hyperdunk is 18 percent lighter than the average Nike basketball shoe. Kobe runs an average of 2.5 miles a game-less weight on his feet means more energy on the court. Kobe is expected to play in the Nike Hyperdunk when the Lakers meet the Clippers in April. The Hyperdunk hits US retail in late July.

"The Nike Hyperdunk is extremely lightweight, strong and responsive to give a real advantage on court," said Kobe.

The competition in Beijing will provide Nike with a global stage to capitalize on the momentum and brand leadership that the company has firmly established in China. The introduction of the Nike Hyperdunk and other Beijing-related innovations are powerful platforms for Nike to reinforce its number one position as the leading sports brand in China. Today China represents Nike's largest sourcing country and is its largest business outside of the United States with revenues having just surpassed $1 billion for the trailing 12 months.

The Hyperdunk combines two new Nike innovations: Flywire technology and Lunarlite foam. Flywire redefines footwear construction, shaving off weight and adding strength, allowing athletes to be lighter on their feet and faster on the track and on the court. Lunarlite foam features a unique cell structure making it lightweight and ultra responsive as a cushioning system.

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