Summer Institute in Sustainable Design

Summer Institute in Sustainable Design

This two-week immersion program enables practicing professionals in design and other disciplines to come together to learn about and discuss cutting-edge green strategies and their applications in the realm of design.

Hands-on fieldwork and in-class lectures with industry leaders -- including Jay Baldwin, Yves Behar, Lynda Grose, Mandana MacPherson -- whose expertise in sustainable design will give you the skills to position yourself as a sustainable-design leader in your company or workplace.

In creating the Summer Institute in Sustainable Design, CCA draws on its 10-plus years of experience as a leader in sustainability and its long tradition of interdisciplinarity.

The program is fully interactive.

Participants learn from working professionals and practitioners in a variety of fields as well as instructors from CCA, Stanford, MIT, and other top academic institutions in the United States and England.

"Unlike the typical 'talking head' conference, the Summer Institute in Sustainable Design offers a focused, relaxed atmosphere for learning," says Sue Redding, an Industrial Design instructor at CCA who helped create the program.

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CCA: California College of the Arts

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