Varoom Issue 06

Varoom Issue 06

Illustration magazine Varoom discovers Collectivism in issue 06. Edited by award winning art director, writer and design consultant Adrian Shaughnessy, Varoom 06 takes a critical look at collaborative models of practice in an international context.

Lydia Fulton explores four illustration collectives: NousVous (UK), Rinzen (Australia), Elvis Studio (Switzerland) and Peep Show (UK). Is this the future?

Jo Davies interviews Brad Holland, icon of American Illustration, discussing his early development, his uncompromising attitude, fighting for illustrators' rights, the pulse of American creativity now, and what he plans for the future.

Rodney Palmer takes to the streets of Chile where 'outsider' art, produced on paper and pasted up in public places is a potent weapon of critique.

Queen of contemporary childrens' illustration, Czech artist Kveta Pacovska is profiled by Wendy Coates Smith, delving into her prolific catalogue of more than 60 beautiful books.

In Peddling Fast Food As Fine Dining, Dust pose the question "If culture is finite and enrichment is the goal, who chooses what stays?" Their visual essay investigates the notions of "less is less is less" and "making a silk ear out of a sow's purse."

Varoom has found a niche in the world of visual communication, giving a long-awaited platform to contemporary illustration and the art of image making. It has been celebrated worldwide for its intense exploration and critical projection of the subject through publication of stimulating interviews, reviews and profiles. With its increasing number of worldwide subscribers Varoom is set to become the definitive statement on illustration and the made image. Issue 06 is available in specialist bookshops and retail outlets worldwide from May 2008.


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