Varoom 33 - Collaborators

Varoom 33: Collaborators

Bringing together individuals, networks and global brands across multimedia projects, the Collaborators issue of Varoom discovers the nuts and bolts of a successful children's book collaboration between writer and illustrator; design studio ManvsMachine's recent ambitious collaboration with Nike; the Fabulous Year 24 Group and how they brought the female sensibility to shōjo manga, and spotlights the key networks through which illustrators generate creative and emotional support.

Varoom also talks with those behind the Reflections project which highlights the effects of the 2015 Nepal earthquake through illustration and photography, and introduces Brian Stelfreeze as he tells us about working with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates on Marvel's new Black Panther comic.

Regulars Paul Davis and Marian Bantjes create a unique collaboration, commenting on swapped pictures as real life events influence startling interpretations of the works.

The cover is by a group of Brighton illustration students who worked together to create a commemorative quilt as a respite from the pressures of their final degree show.


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