Fresh Work From Canada's Rising Star of New Modernist Typography

Fresh Work From Canada's Rising Star of New Modernist Typography

Canada's rising star of new modernist typography is staging a groundbreaking exhibit called "MyType" as part of the festival of architecture and design in Toronto. Noel Nanton, the creative director of typotherapy+design, has created a series of original, type-based posters reflecting his own, very new take on classic modernist typography.

Starting with the premise that typefaces are as expressive as the words they form, Nanton has designed a collection of posters that explore the relationship between positive and negative space. Each poster is an original work of art and showcases Nanton's unique, type-based language. "Letters speak," says Nanton. "In this exhibit, I'm exploring type as a medium, as a language of its own. It's what type can do when it's set free from words."

The posters include original, typotherapy-created fonts along with edgy takes on classics including Helvetica and Avant Garde. Featuring eye-popping popsicle colours, bold abstract shapes, and nods to modernist master Wim Crouwel, "MyType" reflects a unique, new modernist aesthetic and taps into the burgeoning typography scene in Toronto.

Opening night is Saturday, May 3rd from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, exhibit runs to May 11th.

Keep Six Contemporary Gallery
938 Bathurst Street


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