Cepezed Awarded with BNA Cube 2008

Cepezed Awarded with BNA Cube 2008

The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) has awarded cepezed architects with the BNA Cube 2008 for its complete body of work. The BNA Cube is the highest decoration of the institute and arguably the most prestigious Dutch architecture prize. It is presented for exceptional merits within Dutch architecture. The jury is unanimously convinced that cepezed is entitled to the prize and speaks highly of cepezed's excellent professional skills and the consistent quality of it's works. With that, the panel of adjudicators emphasizes that cepezed never deploys the technical and innovative approach for which it is known solely for the sake of technique and innovation itself, but always for the benefit of high architectural quality.

According to the jury, cepezed's modern interpretation of the notion of the master builder compels admiration in particular. Within this interpretation, the office does not distinguish architecture from construction. It uses integral design methods that have brought the architects an enormous knowhow and competence in fields such as the organization of the construction process, innovation and the development of construction components; all exerted for the purpose of architectural excellence.

cepezed pairs a minimal use of materials with most efficient execution techniques. Furthermore, the office has always regarded recycling and sustainability as evident issues of construction assignments. This has resulted in inspiring examples. cepezed's most recent work, such as the renovation and expansion of both the Westraven office block in Utrecht and the Audax Textile Museum in Tilburg, compels reverence because of it's consistent subtlety and lightness and it's sensuous control of at times rarefied space and light.

Associated architects of cepezed are Jan Pesman, Michiel Cohen and Ronald Schleurholts.

The BNA presents the Cube on a yearly basis since 1965. Last year, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture received the prize. The presentation of the BNA Cube 2008 will take place near the end of the year.


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