Frog Design Debuts Premier Issue of Print Magazine

Frog Design Debuts Premier Issue of Print Magazine

frog design, a global innovation firm, announced the debut of design mind, a print magazine that will engage readers in a conversation about business, technology, and design. The magazine will launch together with a website,, featuring a video series, a blog network, and interactive content from frog's exclusive speaker series events.

Written by frog designers, technologists, and strategists, design mind articles provide the design and innovation community with perspectives on industry trends, emerging technologies, and global consumer culture. The magazine, to be published three times per year, will also feature interviews with high-profile thought leaders along with contributions from external writers, designers, and photographers.

"frog has a 40-year history of pioneering new approaches to innovation and design that gives us a unique point of view. With design mind, we have a tremendous opportunity to publicly share experiences and ideas that are relevant to senior executives and designers alike," said Doreen Lorenzo, president of frog design.

"Our goal with design mind is to open up new channels for frog to communicate our thought leadership in a highly visual and dynamic way. The magazine and website allow us to engage with diverse audiences and ultimately enhance our industry's influence," said Tim Leberecht, vice president of marketing and communications for frog design.

The theme of the premier issue of design mind is "Numbers" and features an exclusive interview with legendary typography designer Erik Spiekermann on the difficulty, and the beauty, of designing numbers. Additional features include:

555 Million Subscribers & Counting: An in-depth analysis of China's mobile market and the cultural dynamics that will determine its future.

Defining the New Singularity: An exploration of the next level of convergence: between hardware and software, information and object, human and technology.

1:1: An examination of the business potential of in-game brand placement.

The Collective Instinct: Looking into the human inclination to curate: what we keep, why we keep it, and what it means for design.

Calculated Design: A defense of quantitative analysis and a new call for integrated design research.

Luck Has a "RNG" To It: A look at the how slot machines and the uncertainty of random numbers can stimulate the human psyche.

The Urban Legend of Corporate Intranets: An investigation into the myths and the realities at play in building an effective corporate Intranet.

Writing Without Words: Book designer Stefanie Posavec visualizes On The Road as literary organism.

For more information on how to subscribe to design mind, please visit

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