A2B Electric Bike - Ultra Motor Introduces New Electric Bike to U.S. Market

A2B Electric Bike: Ultra Motor Introduces New Electric Bike to U.S. Market

Ultra Motor announced the availability of its new A2BTM electric bike. Developed and manufactured by an international team of expert designers and engineers, the A2B is a state-of-the-art electric bike built specifically for urban transport across the American city landscape.

Increasing challenges are making urban transportation more costly and time-consuming: the Texas Transportation Institute reports that gridlock costs the average peak period traveler almost 40 hours a year in travel delay and wastes an annual 2.9 billion gallons of gasoline, which has climbed to more than $4.00 a gallon. In addition, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that nearly half of all trips are less than three miles. The A2B is a clean, gasoline-free transportation alternative for the thousands of short trips Americans take every day.

"The A2B is unparalleled in performance, comfort and style," said Chris Deyo, CEO of Ultra Motor USA. "Whether it is a commuter who wants their journey to be fast and hassle-free, a college student looking to get across campus or an active senior looking to combine exercise with convenience, this is the ideal transportation method."

Unique Combination: Performance, Utility, Design
The A2B is built from the tires up for superior performance and comfort in a sleek design. It is powered by a proprietary motor that is highly efficient, producing more "torque" or force to enable riders to accelerate faster and climb hills more easily than other electric bikes. The lithium-ion batteries stored inside the frame provide more energy per pound than any other power source, and recharge just like a laptop computer. Ideal for city roads, the A2B has full suspension like a mountain bike, an upright, relaxed sitting position, and an oversized seat for extra comfort.

The A2B combines functions of an electric bicycle and a scooter - the construction is the design. The manufacturing material and surfaces, such as the welding and motor, enhance the A2B's industrial appeal in withstanding the demands of an urban commute. The colors and finishes underline the stylish appearance, while the brown leather seat and grips provide a touch of classical bike design.

Ready, Set, Ride!
No driver's license is necessary, just charge the A2B, unplug it, turn the throttle and enjoy the ride. The A2B can travel at speeds up to 20 miles per hour, without pedaling. Or, if riders feel like some exercise, they can use the pedals to increase their speed and distance. The A2B travels 20 miles on a single charge and riders can use a secondary battery to travel up to 40 miles without re-charging.

For commuters and "short trippers," the A2B is designed to carry the goods - computers, groceries, flowers or gear. Baskets and side bags are available separately for purchase.

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