Varoom Discovers the New Americans in Issue 07

Varoom Discovers the New Americans in Issue 07

In the seventh edition of Varoom Charlotte West profiles female duo Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass - Hvass&Hannibal - who are already stars in their native Denmark, and are fast gaining an international reputation as creators of enchanted dreamlike domains.

This is a remarkable achievement as for much of their current career they have been full-time students.

The montage works of Peter Kennard have been described by John Berger as "pure and dirty."

Today they are bought by the Tate and revered by fashionable street artists.

But throughout his life Kennard has been pursuing a path of opposition and the rejection of cosy consensus.

For Kennard, the image is a way of answering back.

John O'Reilly investigates this powerful artist.

Varoom 07 also covers the Young Americans.

Interviewed by Steve Heller, four young artists reveal how American editorial illustration is developing in the hands of a new generation, as they wrestle with the traditional questions surrounding commercial and personal image making.

Featuring Tamara Shopsin, Oliver Munday, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, and Jeremy Traum.

Editor Adrian Shaugnessy interviews Brian Grimwood, one of the UK's most successful illustrators.


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