Parametric Bookshelves

Parametric Bookshelves

Parametric Bookshelves is the product of collaboration between the Research Lab NSU, at the Graduate School of Architecture of Columbia University in New York, and the Turinbased architectural firm Tiazzoldi by Nuova Ordentra.

Parametric Bookshelves is a new piece from the Parametric Furniture line.

Designed by Caterina Tiazzoldi,it uses advanced digital tools in formal exploration of new configurations of the same bookshelf.

Each customer introduces data (length, height, preferred colours) and the parametric system responds by automatically changing some of the attributes (depth, thickness, colour saturation).

In this way each customer is assured of a unique configuration.

Parametric Furniture, particularly Parametric Bookshelves, helps develop and produce an infinite number of unique pieces, tailored to the customer's requirements, using a single model.

The application of a large number of iterations to a limited number of rules leads to a level of formal complexity and sophistication which it is impossible to obtain from traditional processes.

Finalist at the Wood Design Competition, Parametric Bookshelves respond to the desire for uniqueness so incompatible with the standards of the contemporary industry.

Tiazzoldi by Nuova Ordentra

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