D-CRIT Open House

D-CRIT Open House

SVA MFA Design Criticism Open House, taking place on Saturday, October 25, will be a chance for visitors to sneak-peek the brand-new department in New York's Flatiron District, mingle over drinks, and find out more about D-CRIT.

Several members of the faculty will be there: Russell Flinchum, Steven Heller, Karrie Jacobs and Leital Molad will talk about what students can expect from their classes.

Students will also discuss their experiences so far, such as what it's like to produce a podcast for Kurt Andersen and the "Studio 360" team or why architecture critic Karrie Jacobs has them reading John Ruskin in preparation for a visit to Times Square.

Finally, D-CRIT Chair Alice Twemlow will give an overview of the program, its goals, structure and its philosophy.

more: designcriticism.sva.edu (141)

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