Nottingham Aspires to Be World Design Capital

Nottingham Aspires to Be World Design Capital

Nottingham is applying to be the World Design Capital for 2012 - in a bid to be recognised for its use of design to further the social, economic and cultural development of the city.

Design is strong in Nottingham's history with its world renowned lace manufacture and is also at the forefront of future developments as represented in the award winning Old Market Square and the modernity of the Inland Revenue. Throughout the whole of the city the eclectic mix of new and old architecture oozes creativity.

Organised by the International Design Alliance (IDA), which is collaboration between the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA), the World Design Capital project promotes cities that use design to revitalise and reinvent their urban environment.

Cllr Graham Chapman, Nottingham City Council's Deputy Leader, said: "Applying to be World Design Capital would not only provide Nottingham with a platform for promoting its design strengths but will also further economic development through one of its key sectors.

Our aspiration to achieve this status puts down a clear marker for furthering Nottingham's strengths in design. We want to involve local people and local designers to showcase work and activity on an international platform. We have already received positive feedback from businesses in Nottingham and many are keen to get involved."

Developed as a biennial global competition, culminating in a year long celebration of the role of design in improving the social, cultural and economic life of cities, the designated city will be expected to showcase a programme of multi-disciplinary design-related events and activities.

Philip Watts of Philip Watts Design, said: "The strength of the creative industry within Nottingham is one which we should celebrate. We have a vibrant design community which we can and are using to move forward to attract further investment and creative industries within our wonderful city. We have the capacity and the talent to become a leading city, recognised for its design, and to this end Philip Watts Design is fully supportive and completely committed to supporting Nottingham's bid to become World Design Capital in 2012"

As a city Nottingham has an excellent history in seeing creative ideas convert into successful businesses. Nottingham is the home of design guru Sir Paul Smith, Speedo and Director Shane Meadows and the city boasts excellent creative facilities and cultural attractions such as the Broadway Media Centre, Lakeside Arts Centre and Nottingham Contemporary, located in the Lace Market, one of the largest contemporary international arts spaces in the UK.

Nottingham is hoping to put forward a strong application by showcasing their strong and growing creative industries sector which is backed by a creative industries three year sector growth plan which is led by Nottingham City Council and brings partners together including; Nottingham Trent University, EM - Media, Arts Council - East Midlands, Broadway Cinema, Creative Businesses and Nottingham Creative Network.

Ann Priest, Dean of The School of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University, said: "Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design has been central to the development of creativity and design for manufacture since it was established in the mid nineteenth century as a school of art and design to support local manufacturing industry. Many of the School's alumni live and work around Nottingham and are principals in the clustering of creative businesses in the City, a number of which have actually been generated and supported from inside the Nottingham Trent University. The school is therefore delighted to support the city's aspiration to be the World Design Capital in 2012."

As well as the three year plan, Nottingham's plans span beyond this timescale and the aspiration is to build on the city's reputation as a city of design through its historical legacy in lace design and manufacture, the home of Raleigh, and develop the city's current and future design industry not only to feed into the economic growth of the creative sector but also to facilitate the infiltration of design into Nottingham's everyday life and future prosperity.

Areas that Nottingham needs to consider in the application process include:

Programme: Showcase a series of design-related events, preceded by a major multi disciplinary anchor event, an inclusive and engaging programme of activities must be co-ordinated to promote design. Events envisioned for the yearlong programme be varied, creative and support design as a driver of social and economic development
Design: Focusing on design education in schools, colleges and universities; testimonials from design professionals; the use of interior design, urban design, sustainable design and industrial design across the city;
Regeneration: Areas in the city that could be perceived as a showcase for design. Key regeneration projects in the context of the neighbourhoods they have transformed. Case studies that demonstrate how the city has used design, design management and design development to create a socially, culturally and economically sustainable community and environment.
Architecture: Architectural interest points. Planned new builds of interest to the design community.The application process for the 2012 status opens in November 2008 and the successful city will be named in November 2009.

Turin is the current 2008 World Design Capital and Seoul has been assigned the 2010 status.

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