JBL Professional EON Portable Loudspeakers - A New Era for EON

JBL Professional EON Portable Loudspeakers: A New Era for EON

World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design consultancy RKS announced that JBL has introduced the next generation of its groundbreaking, industry-standard EON series portable loudspeakers.

JBL's unveiling of the EON500 series powered and lightweight speakers immediately raises the bar in the category of molded powered loudspeakers in all aspects, from industrial design to sonic performance, integrated utility and portability.

"We congratulate JBL on the incredible reception received by the release of the new EON," said Ravi Sawhney, Founder and CEO of RKS. "We're thrilled that our collaboration and JBL's leadership have taken powered PA to a whole new level."

With its introduction in 1995, the EON series defined the powered portable loudspeaker category and has sold nearly one million EON speakers to date. According to Simon Jones, Director of Marketing for JBL Professional, "...the success of the EON line is based on its broad appeal, ranging from simple PA applications to professional sound reinforcement, making it extremely useful for DJs, musicians, major rental companies, schools, churches, and institutions alike."

So when JBL sought to update the EON, once described as "the ultimate workhorse, utility loudspeaker," they had an acute awareness of the demands its customers put on their speakers. Once they ensured the electronics set new standards for sound quality and low weight, JBL enlisted longtime design partner RKS, the world-recognized Southern California-based consultancy, to match these high standards with unsurpassed design.

"Understanding what a JBL product is, is not a recipe. It is a feeling. An experience. A design approach. A JBL product must express the JBL DNA on the shelf at retail, in the studio, or at the concert hall. It must also contain, communicate, and exploit the unique value held by the intellectual property created by the world-class JBL engineering team," explained Tom White, Executive Vice President of RKS.

The resulting design is a striking departure from the original EON. The full, screen-backed, perforated metal grill provides an added measure of protection to internal components, while offering a clean, uncluttered look to the entire line. The speaker's shape, like the EON's power, projects from the rear of the speaker where the amp is housed. "The design flows from the back of the speaker in a single, accelerating curve," explained Lance Hussey, RKS Vice President of Design. The bold port vents, provide a visual accent and evoke fond memories of the original EON. To minimize abuse to the speakers and users alike, the design team removed all the hard edges and corners. "Not only does that make it very durable, but also very comfortable to move around, there are no corners to bash into your knees and your legs and things or slide in and out of your car," said Jones.

The EON500 series includes three lightweight compact models that each feature an on-board minimixer with loop-thru or mix-out capability. The EON515 puts out a massive 450 watts of power, yet weighs only 33 lbs. To take full advantage of JBL's lightweight technology, this flagship EON features three handles. Each full-bar handle, one on the top and one on each side, is placed for optimal ergonomics and balance, and over-molded with a soft comfort-grip. Pole-mounting speakers has never been easier. No more bending over to lift the speaker off the floor. Just grab the top handle, and then easily switch to the side handles as you effortlessly lift the speaker and set it atop the pole.

According to a Judge Jackson band member, the EON's lighter weight and ergonomic handles are just what they need... "Light as a feather. Good to use after a gig like that 'cause they're so friggin' light and accessible. That's what we want after exhausting ourselves on stage for the last three hours. Certified 100% judge Jackson approved, JBL in the house. Beauty."


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