RKS Rebrands Child Safety Network for its 30th Anniversary

RKS Rebrands Child Safety Network for its 30th Anniversary

RKS recently partnered with Child Safety Network (CSN) to revamp the nonprofit's brand identity and mission statement in honor of its 30th anniversary. CSN's rebrand comes as it repositions itself and its resources for child safety for a younger audience - new parents who are of the digitally savvy, millennial generation.

Over the past few decades, CSN has dedicated itself to working with parents, educators, and government agencies to make households and communities across the country safer places for children. To date, over 30 million parents have received CSN's Child Safety information.

In partnership with CSN, RKS's team of strategists, researchers and designers developed CSN's new brand identity. The RKS team leveraged its proprietary Design Thinking Methodology, Psycho-Aesthetics, to uncover insights into contemporary challenges surrounding child safety and get to the core of CSN's purpose. From this, a new, three-word mission statement emerged: "Educate, Connect, and Protect." This new mission statement was enthusiastically adopted by Ward Leber, CSN's CEO, and the CSN team. RKS continued forward with their pro-bono work, creating a messaging and positioning strategy, brand logos, and a refined brand identity for the nonprofit. All of which will be rolled out across CSN's website, marketing materials, and pitch decks this month to help facilitate strategic partnerships and fundraising.

While the news media can often focus on stories that drive fear and anxiety for parents, RKS felt it was essential to create a value proposition for CSN that empowered parents and children and provided them with the tools they need to stay safe.

Images: Courtesy of RKS