Material ConneXion Relocates New York City Headquarters

Material ConneXion Relocates New York City Headquarters

Material ConneXion, the leading global platform for material solutions and innovations, announced today the relocation of its New York City headquarters to 60 Madison Avenue, between 26th and 27th streets. The move from 127 West 25th Street, its location since 2001, to a 12,000 square foot space on the second-floor of a land-marked building one block north of Madison Square Park signals an important expansion for the materials consultancy.

"For over a decade Material ConneXion has been sparking inspiration and solving design challenges," said Founder and CEO George M. Beylerian, "as we continue to grow, our new headquarters will serve as a dynamic design tool for finding vital material solutions."

Almost twice the size of Material ConneXion's previous Chelsea location, the new space accommodates both the growing demand for Material ConneXion's consulting services and its ever-expanding Materials Library, which adds between 40 and 60 advanced materials every month to the 4,500 it currently maintains. To keep its clients atop the rapid pace of innovation, Material ConneXion is doubling the size of its on-site Library, increasing space for the display of materials and the ongoing influx of sustainable materials.

The expansion underscores the significant growth Material ConneXion has experienced since its founding in 1997. In the decade-plus since, it has established five offices on three continents, a global network of PhDs, materials scientists, designers and research labs, and the largest Materials Library in the world. Today, its Advanced Material Solutions Team has become the trusted materials advisor to Fortune 500s and smaller forward-thinking companies alike, making it the go-to materials consultancy for companies seeking the materials intelligence to create better, more sustainable and better performing designs.

"Now more than ever, the most innovative companies in the world are turning to
Material ConneXion for the sustainable materials expertise and creative edge they need to stay competitive," stated President Michele Caniato. "In the face of environmental disrepair and economic crisis, innovation is a necessity and materials are one its primary drivers."

Integrated into the design of Material ConneXion's new space are products that embody this philosophy through their use of innovative materials and demonstrated commitment to design, technology and the environment. Among these are Terramai's World Mix sustainably-engineered wood floor reclaimed from shipping crates and Encycle-backed Lees carpet by the Mohawk Group that is both PVC-free and 100% recyclable through Mohawk's Greenworks program. Cradle to Cradle office furniture by Haworth-including Gold-certified Zody chairs and Silver-certified Planes tables-take into account the human and ecological impacts of the product's materials as well as the ability of that product to be truly recycled or safely composted. Erco's energy-efficient Emanon line of lighting features long-lasting Metal Halide lamps, low-energy Spherolit reflectors, and waste-reducing T-lamp technology.

"The right material choices can create healthier, less toxic, and more sustainable environments," said Andrew H. Dent, PhD, Vice President, Library and Materials Research. "Everyday brings new developments in sustainable materials, broadening design possibilities. Our expansion reflects the industry's response to a growing need."

Material ConneXion's new space will continue to undergo renovations through the end of 2008. During this time, the Materials Library, an essential design tool for Material ConneXion's clients, will be open. Material ConneXion will officially launch its new headquarters at the beginning of 2009.

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