Eco Fashion Weekend in Cracow

Eco Fashion Weekend in Cracow

The Polish Academy SAPU - Szkola Artystycznego Projektowania Ubioru (Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design) has organized two days promotion of creating clothes from recycled materials.

On the first day Eco workshop was opened to wide public. Young people who attended it made innovative garments of vintage staff under instruction of school's teachers and students.

Next day Junk Fashion Show was performed for audience of over 1500 people. Students presented nearly 400 amazingly creative pieces made of recycled paper and fabrics.

Giving new life to worthless newspapers, magazines, wrappers and waste clothes has turned out to be highly inspiring experience - students transformed trash into spectacular, unique garments which were eagerly applauded by public.

The desire to make even a small contribution towards the environment is a worldwide trend and Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design has joined it for over ten years.

Co-partners were: Polish company Polski System Recyklingu Organizacja Odzysku S.A, MPO Krakow, Big Star, Fakro, Farmona, Douglas, Ewa Bien, Antalis, ENSO.

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