33rd Delta Awards

33rd Delta Awards

The Association of Industrial Design ADI-FAD calls for companies and designers from Spain and other countries to take part in the Delta Awards with products that are distributed in the Spanish market.

The objectives of the Delta Awards are to encourage public recognition of the products that stand out for their innovation, the conceptual originality shown in their design, for their environmental value and popularity among the public, as well as their formal production and manufacturing quality, through selecting award-winning designs; to make the Delta Awards a reference point for promotion; to emphasise the value of design and its contribution to society and the economy, and underline the social significance of design.

Products by Spanish and foreign designers, produced and distributed by Spanish or foreign companies, and that reach production no later than 1 April 2009 may be entered for the 2009 ADI-FAD Delta prizes.

Only products marketed in Spain in the period between the last two competitions and the present may be entered.

more: delta-awards.com (428)


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