Defne Koz for OMNIDECOR

Defne Koz for OMNIDECOR

An unrivalled leader in glass production, with an internationally acknowledged know-how in acid-etched processing and an ever-evolving offer in technological and design-oriented solutions, OmniDecor is presenting a new line of patterns.

At fiera Architektonika, the DecorFlouDesign collection confirms once more its commitment to innovative development and to the cooperation with the most creative designers in the field, with the launch of a new line of patterns designed by Defne Koz.

With her training in Ettore Sottsass' studio and a cosmopolitan background steeped in both the ancient and the contemporary of Turkish, Italian and American culture, Defne Koz has acquired specific skills in the field of glass design. From Murano glass to crystals, from laser-cut sheets to prints, she has experienced first-hand the material's wide potential. Her skills have now been brought to ideal fruition in her project for OmniDecor.

In line with the company's tradition of state-of-the-art R&D and aesthetics, the patterns by Defne Koz express to the fullest the unique versatility and architectural essentiality of glass sheets.

Architecture played a major role in inspiring Defne Koz's project for OmniDecor.

The environment of light and shadow, movement and transparency, brings DecorFlou glass to the fore in eliciting the dynamics of both the visual and tactile effects of Defne Koz's patterns.

Her research has focused on patterns adding a third dimension of depth to a bi-dimensional platform, as well as evoking a feeling of "softness" from a hard material, as further proof of the flexible and wide-ranging expressive potential of glass.

Texture, geometry, the dynamics of clear versus opaque: everything conspires to bring to life an architectural element that is the fertile focus of Defne Koz's designing passion, with the creation of patterns specifically conceived for different processes and surfaces. An alternation of surfacing and vanishing perceptions constantly renewed by the slightest change in surroundings.

Defne Koz

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