Philips Leads the Way with Twenty-two iF Design Awards

Philips Leads the Way with Twenty-two iF Design Awards

Royal Philips Electronics has once again performed extremely well in the annual iF product design award competition, winning 22 awards in 7 categories. The Health and Well-being company was recognized with seven awards - more than any other entrant - in the "health and care" category.

The underlying goal of design at Philips has always been to apply technology in a way that meets people's needs and improves the quality of their lives. The fact that numerous products from each of the company's three sectors - Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle - won awards is further testimony that this approach is embedded and applied throughout the organization.

Kitten Scanner

Leading in Health and Care
The seven awards in the "health and care" category are confirmation of the value Philips' people-centric design approach brings to this increasingly important area. Winning entries included:

- The Kitten Scanner helps teach children about what happens during a CAT (or CT) examination. Interactive role play and storytelling are used to shed light on the different steps of a CT exam, therefore reducing fear and anxiety of the procedure.

- The CX50 is a handheld ultrasound system designed to make portable exams easy, efficient and simple. It enables high-quality diagnoses without necessarily having to transport patients in poor health to locations where fixed ultrasound equipment is located.

Two of the awards in this category were for design work carried out by Philips for external companies.

- The Temparin line of tooth repair solutions was redesigned by Philips Design for DenTek. The products provide a temporary remedy for lost fillings, inlays and crowns. Consumer insights were used to develop a more user-friendly offering with custom applicators and individual doses.
- Delmedica's Xhalo is a reusable handheld device which gives asthmatics an indication of whether an attack is imminent by measuring the temperature of their breath. LED indicators together with audible sounds make it simple for users to know when to start and finish blowing.

Audio & Video Excellence
Philips picked up no fewer than 10 awards in the audio/video category. Winning entries ranged from wireless music systems to headphones, home theatre systems and televisions. Highlights included:

- The Soundbar with Ambisound technology (HTS8140/HTS8150) combines the player and front speakers in a single unit, with a subwoofer to enhance the bass effect. Its sleek and elegant appearance has been intentionally designed to complement flat TVs.
- The Pronto TSU9300 is an advanced universal home control device, suitable for not just audio and video systems but also other domestic items like lights, blinds and curtains. The large full-color touch-screen display and rotary controller means users can scroll through options and make selections with the utmost of ease.

A winner in the leisure/lifestyle category, the Wake-up Light offers a more pleasant way to start the day by gradually brightening to simulate a sunrise. This can be accompanied by a choice of (natural) sounds. The Wake-up Light can also be used as a reading lamp.

Advanced Studies
The idea of generating food, energy and clean water in your own living room led to the Biosphere Home Farming concept winning an award in the advanced studies category. This ingenious combination of aquatic and plant-based ecosystems supplements a family's nutritional needs while producing heat, gas and filtered water.

One of the World's Key Design Competitions
The iF product design award is extremely prestigious, and its significance is recognized throughout the design world and beyond. More than 20 internationally recognized jurors, consisting of designers and entrepreneurs, engage in critical discussion and debate to select the winning products from a total of 2808 competing entries originating from 39 different countries. Since its inauguration in 1953, the iF design award has been an enduring accolade for outstanding design. Companies and design studios use the iF seal as a visible symbol of product and service quality.

The awards ceremony will take place on March 3 in Hanover, Germany to coincide with the opening of the CeBIT exhibition. All winning products will be on public display. The iF Yearbook will be launched on the same day.

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