Air France Reveals Updated Logo - an International Brand with a French Identity

Air France Reveals Updated Logo: an International Brand with a French Identity

Air France's visual identity is changing.

The new logo - designed by the Brandimage agency - is now just one word, highlighting Air France's ambition to be an international brand since over half of Air France's customer base is located outside of France.

The national colours (blue, white and red) remain present on the aircraft's tail fin and fuselage, underlining not just the airline's French identity, but also its values and history which it has been proudly displaying for the past 75 years.

"This new identity, which is both elegant and contemporary, represents the fundamental changes Air France has seen over the past few years", said Fran├žois Brousse, Air France Vice President, Corporate Communications.

"Thanks to the coherence between the old and the new logos, we can ensure a gradual transition for our passengers."


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