Corian Vertebrae Couch Backs Innovation at Toronto Interior Design Show

Corian Vertebrae Couch Backs Innovation at Toronto Interior Design Show

One of the special experimental exhibits at the recent Toronto Interior Design Show in Canada featured "Vertebrae" - an innovative sculptured couch constructed with DuPont Corian. The beauty of the Vertebrae design is further enhanced with the use of embedded lights that create a soft diffuse glow through the Corian Illumination Series surface material.

The Vertebrae design was created by Bregman + Hamann Architects (B+H) of Toronto using three-dimensional digital tools. B+H is one of Canada's largest and longest established full-service architecture firms.

"Each section of Corian is attached to the next using a flexible joint, thereby creating the curvaceous, segmented form," said Douglas Birkenshaw, a design leader and partner at B+H. "We believe that this technique will ultimately be used to generate a variety of architectural accessories."

"Using Corian to create the Vertebrae has proven again how the design possibilities are almost limitless for this unique surface material," said Nancy Wiskel, product manager for Corian in Canada. "With its balance of beauty and performance, Corian lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications."

RJW Enterprises fabricated the Vertebrae in Parry Sound, Ontario. "This project is another example of the unique custom work that we specialize in doing with the design and architectural community," said Bob Wescott, president of RJW Enterprises. "Using Corian gave us the flexibility we needed to transform the creative and exciting design from B+H into reality."

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