Rokkan and Time Warner Global Media Group Reveal What's Possible

Rokkan and Time Warner Global Media Group Reveal What's Possible

A new website for Time Warner Global Media Group was designed with an ambitious goal: to demonstrate what the company calls "The Art of the Possible." With that in mind, full-service digital agency Rokkan, in partnership with Time Warner, created a one-of-kind, 3-D site that's rich with video and interactivity.

Visitors to the site enter a loft-like setting and meet no less than the president of Time Warner Global Media Group, John Partilla, who brings them into an interactive conversation about The Art of the Possible, the philosophy behind the company's highly creative promotional concepts. Chief Creative Officer Mark D'Arcy joins the conversation in the form of his 3-D avatar, complete with jetpack. Visitors can interact with the loft itself, view case studies, and explore Time Warner's ever-expanding range of capabilities and services.

The Art of the Possible

The site received a 2009 Webby Honoree designation for Best Navigation and Structure. Of the Webby Awards' 10,000 entrants, only 15 percent receive this honor.

One year in the making, the website is a visual, experiential metaphor for the company's award-winning work, letting clients experience just how creative and ambitious their own relationship with Time Warner Global Media Group can be.


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