Coffee Maker - Roaster Grinder Brewer

Coffee Maker: Roaster Grinder Brewer

Award winning designer Tom Metcalfe will exhibit his latest work at a number of exhibitions in 2009, the first of these is in May at the Degree Show at The University of Dundee.

A graduate of an internationally acclaimed product design course, his new Coffee Maker is for the discerning coffee lover who wants the perfect cup of coffee.

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The Coffee Maker makes a ceremony of the roasting, grinding and brewing of fresh green beans. The beans can be roasted to any degree of roast, to any personal taste. They're then ground by hand which ensures no damage to the bean. And then brewed in glass, which prevents calcification. Each stage maximises the potential of the raw ingredient to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Quality
Many insights were discovered during the research for this final year project. The most important being that roasted coffee beans become stale within only a few days after roasting. And once ground, coffee can be noticeably stale in only 30 minutes. The green bean however, will remain fresh for years.

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The Coffee Maker Process
Take 50 green beans. Roast for 7 minutes for a medium roast, 9 minutes for a dark roast. Cool beans. Whilst grinding the cooled beans heat the water until air bubbles begin to pop. Place ground beans into water. Stir and brew for 4 minutes. Then pour and enjoy a cup of fresh perfect coffee.

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Design Philosophy
To achieve genuine sustainabilty, products must not be temporary or transient. "My philosophy is to create beautiful pieces of elegant simplicity - which not only have longevity but true lasting value to the user. My Coffee Maker is designed with this in mind. It's a multi- sensory product that is finished in appropriate materials, that should endure whilst being enjoyable to use." After Degree Show, his next showing of the Coffee Maker will be at the New Designers exhibition in London between the 16th and 19th of July.

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