CB'a Design Solutions Designed the Packaging of Nirvana's Ice-cream

CB'a Design Solutions Designed the Packaging of Nirvana's Ice-cream

The European branding and design network CB'a Design Solutions created the naming, branding and packaging design for the innovative range "Pleasures of the World," launched by Nirvana, one of the leading Nestle Hellas premium ice-cream brands.

The leader on the Greek premium cups ice-cream segment Nirvana wanted to bring surprise and dynamism into a well-established offer, through the launch of a premium range based on the "recipes of the world" concept. The range is composed of two recipes, originated from two different countries: "French vanilla and strawberries", and "Dulce de Leche" (Argentina).

Pleasures of the World

CB'a Design Solutions decided to capitalize on the indulgence and experience core values of Nirvana to define the packaging design and the logo "Pleasures of the World", of this new range.

"The agency, based on the concept 'recipes of the world' developed by the NESTLE Ice Cream team, created the name 'Pleasures of the World', which evokes a world tour of flavors, and an intense moment of indulgence. The refinement of the range is conveyed through a classical yet elegant typography, in golden letters," explained Ludovic Dapoigny, International Business Director at CB'a Design Solutions. The name "Pleasures of the World" is part of the brand Nirvana, which underwent for the occasion a slight revamping.

In terms of packaging design, CB'a Design Solutions chose to create a clear and impactful structure. The travel imagination is reinterpreted according to Nirvana, through an emblematic picture for each country, which refers to the origin of the recipe, while bringing along a strong emotional dimension. The pictures of the ice-cream balls and their ingredients, shot in a very appetizing way, strengthen the premium positioning of the products.

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