CB'a Design Solutions Refreshes the Look and Feel of Loux's Soft Drinks

CB'a Design Solutions Refreshes the Look & Feel of Loux's Soft Drinks

The European branding & design agency CB'a Design Solutions revamped the brand identity and created a sparkling transversal graphic style, to express the uniqueness of the products of Loux, the leading Greek brand of juices and sodas. To accompany this strategy and to address new targets, the family-owned company asked CB'a Design Solutions to reinforce the brand's uniqueness through the redesign of the logotype and the creation of a consistent graphic style for its soft drinks category.

The logotype Loux was modernized and implemented across all products. Remaining in line with the existing brand identity, CB'a Design Solutions designed a softer typography to highlight the generosity and proximity of the brand. Light effects, freshness drops and iconic green leaves express the refreshing natural origin of the brand and constitute the other key elements of this new Loux logotype.

Besides this logo revamp, the graphic style was totally reviewed according to the concept of Sparkling Vitality, defined by CB'a Design Solutions. Consumers are invited to discover Loux's tasty world, through a distinctive and creative radiation pattern as a transversal background, adapted into specific colors depending on products. This dynamic pattern is associated with colourful bubbles, which bring along a hint of fun.

CB'a Design Solutions also helped Loux to reorganize its portfolio, giving each category of product a real graphic strength and ownability. Soda, Tonik or Cola are some examples of the new direction followed to help consumers navigate across the products, and discover each taste.

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