IDSA Leader Chelsea Sutula Joins RKS

IDSA Leader Chelsea Sutula Joins RKS

RKS announced the addition of Chelsea Sutula, former Director of the IDEA Awards at IDSA, to its new business team.

In her tenure at IDSA, Chelsea successfully broadened the international reach of IDSA through the launch of IDEA/Brasil, expanding of the one of the world's most prestigious design awards.

She also strategized and executed major overhauls to the IDEA program.

Chelsea has been instrumental in re-structuring the Catalyst case study program, an initiative to promote the importance and impact of design.

Through her collaboration with RKS founder and CEO, Ravi Sawhney, on this project, Chelsea became aware of RKS's successful portfolio and growth trajectory.

When the opportunity presented itself, Chelsea decided she wanted to play a part in the award-winning firm's future.

"Being privy to all the latest and greatest designs made me want to dive deeper inside the industry and work in a more meaningful way with the brilliant minds that drive design forward.

I'm excited to be part of the magic at RKS."

"Chelsea's ability to think strategically and holistically will be a great asset for RKS and our clients," Sawhney remarked.

"She's a driven strategic design professional who has worked with designers and design executives from around the world," said Tom White, Executive Vice President.

"Her focus on user experience will make her a terrific addition to our programs and will feed into our own strategy- driven approach to innovation."


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