The One Club to Host First Ever One Show/Hyper Island Master Classes

The One Club to Host First Ever One Show/Hyper Island Master Classes

The One Club and Hyper Island will present One Show / Hyper Island Master Classes for traditional and interactive advertising executives eager to be at the forefront of digital advertising from October 15-17 at the One Club in New York.

The One Show/Hyper Island Master Classes are specifically designed for traditional and interactive advertising executives to experience an intensive hands-on workshop in digital advertising. Participants will gain a firm understanding of digital solutions and interactive media including visual communication tools. The Master Classes are designed to help upper level executives handle digital trends from a leadership perspective and how to lead and manage interactive media projects.

"Master class participants will walk out the door with practical, immediately applicable skills, ready to more effectively manage their digital teams," said Kevin Swanepoel, President of The One Club.

Internet and other interactive platforms are becoming more and more important marketing channels for creative projects. Clients and agencies are all talking about how to involve new technology in projects, asking questions such as:

- What are the advantages and possibilities of interactive media?
- How should interactive media most efficiently be used?
- What are the trends?
- How can one stay up to date?

Led by Roger Sjogren, Hyper Island is at the forefront of interactive and digital media training. Since becoming the first school of digital and interactive media in Sweden in 1995, Hyper Island has built a global network of the most creative and successful people in the industry. The organization has successfully built a unique methodology, based on learning-by-doing to create a top rated teaching model for the digital age.

"This is a terrific opportunity for busy people to experience total immersion in new media. It totally fits in with the One Club's mission to be on the forefront of new developments in the industry. We are excited about this partnership with Hyper Island," said Mary Warlick, CEO of The One Club.

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