Pee in the Shower - Save the Rainforest

Pee in the Shower: Save the Rainforest

Water stories have a surprising ability to create a deluge across the world's media, and F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi's new campaign for Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata Atlântica, encouraging citizens everywhere to pee in the shower - thereby saving 4,380 litres (1,157 gallons) of water per household annually - is no exception.

The campaign includes posters, a television film and a website which features a frog motivating people to pee in the shower, all creating awareness about water wastage.

Since 1986 SOS Mata Atlantica, a non-profit private organization with no political or religious affiliations, has worked to raise support for the protection of Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest (Mata Atlantica). This is considered one of the world's richest sets of ecosystems in terms of biodiversity, and also one of the regions of our planet most threatened with extinction.

Their work covers the areas of public policies; campaigns; documentation, information and communication for conservation; environmental education and good citizenship; institutional development; and sustainable development, protection and handling of ecosystems.

The entire campaign is in Portuguese, but the message is universal - which might be the reason why the story has been picked up by media outlets around the globe!

The creative is by Eduardo Lima and Joao Linneu with creative direction from Fabio Fernandes and Eduardo Lima. The online pieces are by Henrique Lima and Julio Zukerman with creative direction from Fabio Fernandes and Fabio Simoes.

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