Craft Animations Extends Craft Director Studio to Autodesk Softimage

Craft Animations Extends Craft Director Studio to Autodesk Softimage

Further expanding the artist-friendly workflow, Craft Animations today announced the availability of its Craft Director Studio for users of Autodesk Softimage software.

Craft Director Studio utilize high-end artificial intelligence and autonomous control systems to drastically condense traditional animation processes.

Combining these unprecedented animation tools with Softimage software's ease-of-use and image quality, users receive a time-saving and cost-effective animation solution capable of helping saving hours, days and weeks of laborious animation time.

"Craft Director Studio makes it much easier to add an extra dash of reality to CG animations," said Jason Brynford-Jones, technical product manager for Softimage at Autodesk.

"The comprehensive toolset allows the artist to focus on the result rather than the technology behind it.

Autodesk is pleased that Craft Animations has ported this powerful set of tools to Softimage, making the life of creative minds even easier."

By eliminating the prolonged tasks of key framing and scripting, Craft Director Studio provides artists more time for creative processes.

Professional users including Digital Dimension, Toyota and Lockheed Martin have reported reduced production times by up to 90 percent.

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