Air Flow - the Helmet That Defies the Wind

Air Flow: the Helmet That Defies the Wind

It is called "Air Flow" and has been designed by Pininfarina the new concept of helmet that Newmax, leading company in the segment of luxury helmets, presents on its stand at the International Motorcycle Exhibition (Milan Fair, November 10-15 2009).

Like the car bodies designed by Pininfarina, the "Air Flow System" project was created to cut through the wind so as to optimize the performance of the helmet and favour the circulation of air to increase the comfort of the motorcyclist.

High transpiration of the materials and fluidity of forms: these are the keywords around which Pininfarina Extra's designers created this new concept helmet. The first novelty, in fact, is the outer surface that is soft to the touch, because made of transpiring technical fabric. What does this fabric conceal? A shell conveniently pierced in three areas (at the back and sides) in which three pierced and shaped inserts in technopolymer are set. These "flow intakes" allow air to circulate inside the cap and the moisture inside to escape and, thanks to their design, they model the forms of the helmet aerodynamically, creating the superpressions and depressions necessary to the correct functioning of the system of ventilation. The fabric, stretched over the shell, not only follows the dynamism of the forms and allows the air to transpire, but it creates a waterproof filter impermeable to water and moisture.

The comfort of the motorcyclist is also optimized inside, through a special design "by segments" which creates a series of grooves to facilitate the circulation of air and the transpiration of bodily vapour. The areas of contact with the skull have been studied to identify the most suitable ergonomic points. The material of contact consists of a soft mesh of increased thickness that still allows the passage of the air and reduces the formation of hot points on the skin and increases the air circulation. All these features are translated into a level of unprecedented comfort for the motorcyclist. The helmet also has exclusive soft protection for the nape of the neck in polyurethane.


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