The Future of Integrated Health Care

The Future of Integrated Health Care

The future of Health Care is a subject that has been under intense speculation and debate in recent times across different forums. For the first time ever, Ergonomidesign have made it possible to actually experience the future of Health Care. Following the launch at the Medica/ Compamed trade fair in Germany, Nov. 18-20, Ergonomidesign will present and demonstrate a future application that brings together 40 years of design experience in the Life Science industry.

Combining a fully functioning prototype with a well resolved service-ecosystem, Ergonomidesign will demonstrate "The Future of Integrated Health Care". The application- "Helping Hands" (a Natural User Interface developed on a MS Surface table) enables an experience of how we will manage our health in the future. The concept combines the benefits of ubiquitous computing with a merger of Health Care services with Internet service providers. This merger gives rise to an exciting 'ecosystem', one that will bring cure to our doorstep or literally to the palm of our hand. Much like the mobile 'app-world', pharmacies would be able to sell a variety of Health Care devices containing embedded software that synchronizes with relevant devices and our body automatically.

By the year 2015, vast amounts of personal data will constantly be uploaded in real-time to the "Cloud" - for others to use, share and benefit from. Through embedded sensors in our clothes, wrist watches, necklaces, shoes etc. it will be possible to constantly monitor our biometric data. These vast amounts of data pushed to the Cloud, is accessible to a network of 'smart objects' e.g. mobile devices and 'smart' homes, furniture and environments. Our biometric data will be accessible everywhere, constantly - to us and those who we have granted admission, e.g. our doctors, family and relevant networks. The Cloud also allows constant access to contacts and services in our vast directory of doctors, fellow-patients and other daily health-care programs such as diet, exercise and prescription medicine.

The experience comprises lucid scenarios, personas and a working prototype. It has been developed by the Ergonomidesign Life Science Team, including interaction designers, design strategists, graphic designers and health care professionals. Their challenge is to envision a complex future and develop user friendly solutions for the world to understand and use. By "The Future of Integrated Health Care" the designers have created an experience that combines intuitive gestural interactions with well-resolved service scenarios for the Life Science industry.


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