Industrial Design Consultancies

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  1. Design and Industry

    Design + Industry

    Design + Industry is Australia's most awarded industrial design and product development consultancy, with over 180 awards for design and engineering excellence, including the 2019 Good Design Award of the Year. D+I specialize in the design and development of innovative business, medical, scientific and consumer products. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified for medical device development. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we design innovative products for companies striving to become market leaders, from startups to global brands.

  2. INDEA


    INDEA is an agency born as a professional-network studio offering a one-stop solution for individuals, startups and international companies who need professional assistance to realize their projects. At INDEA we offer a wide range of targeted, tailor-made services for CAD, 3D Product Design, Engineering, Digital Marketing, 3D Printing (Digital manufacturing), Graphic Design and B2B, making use of the latest techniques for every field to always guarantee an innovative and effective approach to every single project.

  3. Veryday


    Veryday is one of the top-ranking design consultancies in the world. The company has an impressive track record for design that has helped build remarkably successful businesses since 1969 and a strong commitment to people-driven innovation as a means to enhance quality of life and make every day a Veryday.

  4. TEAMS Design

    TEAMS Design

    TEAMS is an award-winning design firm with over 100 professionals including designers, engineers and strategists, all from diverse backgrounds. We specialize in global product-oriented brand development in the areas of industrial design, user experience design and brand communication.

  5. IDC


    IDC is one of the UK's largest, most well established and innovative product development consultancies. Backed by vast experience in each discipline, our designers, engineers and model makers collaborate to ensure we challenge, optimize and blend all aspects of our services for the benefit of the product.

  6. Universal Designovation Lab

    Universal Designovation Lab

    Universal Designovation Lab is a creative design consultancy. We specialize in custom product design, medical product design, machine design.

  7. alloy


    Alloy is a design consultancy dedicated to developing products for service providers and technology brands. We create the look, feel and behavior of products that deliver business success to our clients, and delightful experiences to the end-user.

  8. LUNAR


    LUNAR is a product design and development consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They focus on consumer goods, technology products and medical equipment.

  9. NewDealDesign


    NewDealDesign is the San Francisco based technology design firm behind some of the most innovative, lasting products of the last two decades. Led by Gadi Amit, our multidisciplinary team unites people, culture and technology to build joyful digital and physical experiences for the world's top brands and disruptors alike. Notable clients include Microsoft, Google, Fitbit, Deutsche Telekom, Herman Miller, Postmates, AT&T & Verizon.

  10. Andrew Bowen Designs

    Andrew Bowen Designs

    Andrew Bowen Designs is a full-service design and engineering consultancy. We pride ourselves on being diverse problem solvers. Our work includes an array of consumer, commercial, medical, and professional products.

  11. Aruliden


    Aruliden is a product design and brand strategy consultancy formed by Johan Liden and Rinat Aruh in 2006 after 25 years of collective experience in the product, fashion, automotive, lifestyle and cosmetic industries. We help clients imagine, create and shape the future they want by merging strategy, design and marketing.

  12. Worrell


    Worrell is a Minneapolis-based product development firm dedicated to helping its clients gain a powerful competitive advantage by launching innovative products that satisfy real customer needs.

  13. FutureBrand Speck

    FutureBrand Speck

    FutureBrand Speck is a Silicon Valley product design and strategy consultancy. For twenty years FutureBrand Speck has innovated thousands of products that are in your home, hospital, body, power grid, office, automobile, and pocket. Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers employ an unmatched breadth of expert capabilities so that wherever you are in the innovation process we can ensure that your ideas have big impact.

  14. Entwurfreich


    Entwurfreich leverages design for your enterprise in order to generate brand shaping innovations and to foster future trends of your company.

  15. blank

    Maddison Product Design

    A UK-based product design consultancy with over 23 years experience. Offering a global service and working with lone inventors, SMEs, universities, spin-outs through to global corporations. Market sectors include, medical, healthcare, scientific, assisted living, telecoms, consumer and industrial product design.

  16. blank


    Mormedi is a Spanish design consultancy well versed in product and service strategy, specialized in projects with a high innovation and prospective content. Set up in 1998 by Jaime Moreno, the company now includes a multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, engineers, business development consultants and marketing specialists.

  17. Mixer Design Group

    Mixer Design Group

    Mixer Design Group specializes in product design and engineering for global electronics, bioscience and healthcare companies. Our focus is on making our clients' technology innovations useful and meaningful for their customers.

  18. Pip Tompkin

    Pip Tompkin

    Pip Tompkin is an award winning industrial design, brand strategy, and product innovation studio located in Los Angeles, CA. We innovate using our "assume nothing, question everything" philosophy, which encourages our designers to question all assumptions made by a product's predecessors, often resulting in great leaps in advancement through design. Every project we work on provides an opportunity for us to identify new market opportunities, discover new technological frontiers, and pioneer new design solutions.

  19. blank

    Products Creation Studio

    Products Creation Studio is a full service product development group capable of taking a project from the strategy and initial design stage through the engineering stages to production. Our clients range from small start ups to large Fortune 100 companies. By filling the gaps in our clients development team, we team with our clients to realize their products.

  20. One over three

    One over three

    One over three is a multi-disciplinary product design consultancy. We create smart, logical solutions to targeted design problems.

  21. blank

    N+P Industrial Design

    Since 45 years we have been designing high-tech products for public transportation, professional electronics and high-end consumer products, medical equipment and rehabilitation, as well as graphic and interaction. We accompany our clients from all over the world from the initial idea up to the product's market launch and further. We design products that surpass the user's expectations and perfectly meet the manufacturing and distribution requirements - developing new concepts and shaping visions.

  22. Design Partners

    Design Partners

    Design Partners is a product and interaction design agency. Our mission is to grow brands by designing exceptional product experiences that make life better.

  23. Design Edge

    Design Edge

    Design Edge is an innovative industrial design consultancy located in Sydney, Australia providing creative product design solutions.

  24. Morrama


    Morrama is an award-winning London based industrial design agency founded in 2014. Setting out to provide small creative startups with great product design propositions we've now worked with dozens of startups and established businesses looking for a fast-paced design process with a focus on understanding user experience and manufacturing feasibility.

  25. blank

    Hareide Design

    Hareide Design is an international design consultancy with offices in Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. We work with local and international companies, helping them create and bring to market meaningful products, services and experiences.

  26. blank

    Italdesign Giugiaro

    Italdesign Giugiaro provides a wide variety of services, ranging from creativity, through to engineering, validation and prototyping, aiming to the industrialization of new vehicles and products.

  27. blank

    Goodwin Hartshorn

    Goodwin Hartshorn is a London-based industrial design consultancy. We specialize in innovative product design across a range of consumer spheres: from medical devices, loudspeakers and sanitaryware to furniture, consumer electronics and domestic appliances.

  28. Precipice Design

    Precipice Design

    Precipice Design is a London-based consultancy with multiple design awards from iF, A'Design and Spark. They create product, brand and packaging solutions - from concept to commercialization - by aligning human needs and desires with emerging science and technology.