Seasons Cooktop Ventware - Seasons of Change

Seasons Cooktop Ventware: Seasons of Change

World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design firm RKS introduced an innovative cooking vent concept designed to bring breakthrough levels of customizability to kitchens everywhere.

Now, more than ever, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The economic downturn has prompted a resurgence of home cooking. People are seeking cost-effective solutions for creating the kitchen of their dreams - the virtual fireplace where they can gather with family and friends. Seasons Cooktop Ventware concept combines the best in retractable kitchen vent systems with a whole new paradigm for kitchen appliances - unparalleled customizability.

With the Ventware system, both the ceramic face and the filter behind the vent are divided into modular pieces, roughly the size of dinner plates. Competitive filter units are larger and difficult to fit into dishwasher racks, but Ventware plates and filters fit easily into the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.

Tastes change. Why shouldn't your appliances? In recent times, major kitchen appliances have kept to safe, neutral tones. Most appliances are designed to last a decade or more and today's buyers may be haunted by childhood memories of Avocado and Harvest Gold - appliance colors that were once trendy, but quickly became outdated. With Seasons Cooktop Ventware, you no longer have to stifle your personal style for fear of long-term commitment. Ventware's replaceable face "plates" mean not only can you find just the color you want now; you're no longer locked into that decision for years to come.

Seasons Cooktop Ventware puts a modern twist on the 100-year-old tradition of collecting and displaying decorative plates. The innovative new business model allows creation of a wide variety of designs at a very low cost, while providing an inexpensive way for consumers to update and refresh their kitchen decor. It also creates the opportunity to offer seasonal and holiday vent plates, creating a more personalized experience for the consumer, while opening up powerful new revenue streams in the category.

Whether it's adding an accent color, complementing countertops, or celebrating holidays, Seasons Cooktop Ventware brings new life to the kitchen as it gives customers unparalleled options for creating just the look they desire. And true, one-of-a-kind personalization could also be accommodated. Imagine how the tradition of tacking your child's drawing to the refrigerator could be transformed to a lovingly preserved display on a Ventware plate. The possibilities are virtually endless. If your tastes are edgy or elegant, modern or traditional, with Ventware you have more choice than ever before.


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