Ergonomidesign Celebrates 40 Years as a Design Pioneer

Ergonomidesign Celebrates 40 Years as a Design Pioneer

The Swedish industrial design consultancy Ergonomidesign is now one of the industry's most experienced players. The company, founded in 1969, is now 40 years old - but its pace has not slackened. On the contrary! Ergonomidesign is developing more than ever, and is now regarded as one of the world's leading design companies. It has grown strongly in recent years. More than half its clients are from outside Sweden, and this year the first office was opened in the US, Boston.

Behind the scenes, Ergonomidesign has played a major role in Swedish enterprise, innovation and design. With more than 300 patents, the company is behind several success stories, and at the same time has improved the quality of life for millions of users round the world. Among the best-known and most eye-catching design projects are the products for BabyBjon, such as the baby carrier. Designer Hakan Bergkvist has certainly made day-to-day life easier and more comfortable for both parents and children. The most recent project now appearing in the design and technology press, and on blogs worldwide, is the Gramophone loudspeakers. Another example of an entirely Swedish project in carbon fibre is the Koenigsegg sports car, designed by David Crafoord at Ergonomidesign. Easy to use mobile telephones for Doro, the Speedglas welding helmet for 3M, the SAS coffee pot and the Servoi respirator for Siemens/ Maquet are other examples of designs that have changed industries and contributed to new standards.

More recently, Ergonomidesign has kept up the pace more than ever. It ranked number four in the BussinessWeek list of the world's best design consultancies. It has won the largest number of Red Dot awards, regarded as the design world's premier award. When the IF Awards were given out this year, it was clear that Ergonomidesign had won the most gold awards among all international design consultancies.

It is barely a year since Ergonomidesign opened its first office in Boston, in the middle of a blazing economic crisis. But the initiative has been successful, with strong American demand for the Swedish user-centred design methodology.

Ergonomidesign fosters collaboration between some of the world's foremost talents in design strategy, industrial design, interaction design, design research, inclusive design, construction, and human factors. Ergonomidesign's work is exhibited at places like the National museum in Stockholm, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and at the Design Museum in London.

Forthcoming design projects are at the absolute leading edge of technology, innovation and benefits to the community. This helps to keep Sweden on the map as one of the leading design and innovation countries in the world. At the world's largest trade fair for health, medical care and technology, Medica/ Compamed, Ergonomidesign will be presenting their concept called "The Future of Integrated Health Care". This concept has been developed on the renowned "smart surface", the Microsoft Surface.


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