Sennheiser OMX 980 by BMW DesignworksUSA

Sennheiser OMX 980 by BMW DesignworksUSA

Designed to appeal to those looking for a premium solution to their mobile music needs, the premium range is the epitome of refined design. BMW DesignworksUSA was able to bring its in-depth insights from working in a wide spectrum of premium industries spanning luxury phones to private jets to create an aesthetic expressed in a minimal surface area to create an understated exclusivity. This is emphasized with the use of authentic materials including high-quality metal giving an unparalleled sense of touch and emotional satisfaction to the user.

The OMX 980 is highly iconic. The elegant Y-structure with detailed surfacing expresses its ergonomic nature with adjustable, lightweight and flexible ear hooks. The inspiration came from a tuning fork linking Sennheiser's sound expertise with cutting-edge design.

Elegantly Practical
Great attention has also been paid to the small extras of the new earphones. In all three models, the volume can be adjusted easily and conveniently by a volume control integrated into the cable. A small but particularly useful innovation is the variable jack plug. It can be used either straight or twisted to a 90-degree angle to ensure optimum connection of the headphones to an audio source. A metal clip with a matching design allows the headphones to be attached to the user's clothing. Useful travelling accessories such as an aircraft adapter and an elegant carrying pouch put the finishing touches to these highly attractive earphones.

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