TECAtech Produces Startling Prism Case for New Eyewear Brand

TECAtech Produces Startling Prism Case for New Eyewear Brand

British design and innovation company TECAtech have engineered and manufactured a revolutionary clear glasses case for PRISM London.

Using a new clear plastic material made by DuPont they were able to make the case both structural and truly prismatic at the same time.

The client wanted the case to be eye-catching and to reinforce the brand values inherent in eyewear of clarity and detail. For this reason the case was made to quality standards as tight as the glasses themselves.

Making such an unusual shape created many technical problems which had to be overcome. Normally thick sections are a real problem with plastics, they tend to sink or distort, but by carefully controlling the moulding process they were able to create the desired effect.

"This project was a real challenge, using new materials is always a learning process and because no one has tried this before we had to experiment," commented Andy James Lee.

The manufacture took nearly one year to perfect and involved a host of different experts in materials, tool making and moulding as well DuPont's own staff.

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