Frog Design Selected to Join World Economic Forum's Community of Global Growth Companies

Frog Design Selected to Join World Economic Forum's Community of Global Growth Companies

Frog Design has been selected by the World Economic Forum to join its Community of Global Growth Companies, a group of more than 200 rapidly growing multinational companies that are reshaping the global economic landscape. Frog's strong worldwide growth combined with its commitment to driving social change through innovation make it a strong fit for the GGC.

"Frog has demonstrated clear leadership in the global innovation space, and its deep understanding of the power of design strategy and pioneering technologies gives it a unique perspective on how to implement meaningful solutions that can address major global challenges," said Jeremy Jurgens, Senior Director and Head of the Community of Global Growth Companies of the World Economic Forum.

"It is truly exciting to be invited to join the World Economic Forum's Global Growth Companies," said Doreen Lorenzo, President of Frog Design. "We are looking forward to working with other member companies to identify and put into practice new ways for innovation to propel global economic growth and create opportunities in education, the environment, healthcare and beyond."

Frog has a 40-year history of innovation and design, working with leading companies across a variety of industries to create iconic products and services that transform businesses and improve people's lives. Over the past three years, Frog Design has grown significantly, opening new studios in Shanghai and Amsterdam to expand its reach in Europe and China. Furthermore, Frog Design has extended its thought leadership by partnering with renowned non-profit TED. It also serves as the lead design and innovation partner for PopTech, with which it successfully launched Project Masiluleke, a groundbreaking effort that uses mobile technology to address the HIV and TB epidemics in South Africa. Finally, Frog Design enhances the role of design and innovation in business education by partnering with top-ranked international business schools such as IESE and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

The Community of Global Growth Companies is composed of rapidly growing emerging multinationals. It was founded in late 2007 and currently has over 200 members globally from all sectors. The community was created to recognize the next generation of industry leaders. It supports them as they navigate new geographies, markets, cultures and regulatory systems to become a major driving force in social and economic development.

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