United Nude Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

United Nude Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Deriving influences from architecture, art and industrialism, United Nude has developed a distinct vision and direction for 2010's Spring Summer collection.

Never deterring from the brand's signature objective of creating products with clear concepts while maintaining the elegance women desire, United Nude's innovative techniques and designs remain clearly evident.

United Nude's launch product, the MÖbius was revealed in 2003 and has since become an icon in the world of design. The MÖbius returns in the Spring Summer 2010 collection with straps transforming this revolutionary footwear concept of a single strip which forms the heel, sole, footbed and upper and brings seasonal practicality to United Nude's most famous style.

United Nude also presents a second collaboration with Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters with the Label Shoe, a play on the industry's excessive use of labels forming the style's distinctive silhouette.

The undeniable success of the EAMZ has brought the evolution of the design to incorporate the use of single ankle straps. The use of elastic or leather straps allow for a breathable design found in the Eamz Sandal , Eamz X Elastic and the Eamz Buckle.

United Nude's highly successful Spring Summer style LOOP is a concept where a single footbed penetrates a sexy loop creating a remarkable and stylish shoe. With the use of ultra strong carbon fiber, the shoe is allowed to reach new heights in the form of the Ultra Loop; creating an even more feminine silhouette and a towering 130 millimeter heel height.

The CUP is designed to literally "cup" the heel of the wearer with a sculptured heel also serving as the back-piece, giving the style not only the desired comfort but also elegance and classic appeal. The CUP is available in a range of styles from pump to sandal with attention grabbing color combinations.

The FRAME is a remarkable achievement and is also a tribute to the foundation on which the United Nude brand was established. The FRAME unhinges the common perception of what a high-heeled shoe should be with the construction of the heel being far more centered on the foot-bed while encasing the foot with straps, forming a wearable work of art.

The Graffiti uses the brand's name in a 3D embroidered pattern decorating the shoe as its canvas. The wearer can paint the town her favorite colour by stepping out in this platform peep toe shoe.

United Nude'S exceptional design has now led to the expansion of the brand with the opening of the first flagship store in Amsterdam's city centre. A second flagship store is set to open in the international fashion capital of New York City in early 2010 followed soon thereafter by a third flagship store in Shanghai.

The United Nude Spring / Summer 2010 collection is available March 1, 2010 at United Nude's retail stores in Amsterdam, Vienna, Tianjin, Guangzhou and London.

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