Tonic - Collection of Seats for Rossin

Tonic: Collection of Seats for Rossin

On occasion of Milan furniture fair 2010, Lorenz Kaz announced Tonic seat collection, designed for north-Italian brand Rossin.

Fresh and dynamic, Tonic is characterized by it's inclined horizontal planes, lending it an iconographic look.

Thanks to the vast range of mono- or bicoloured coverings available, Tonic offers wide possibilities of application.

The structure in either metal or wood amplifies this aspect, making Tonic an ideal solution for residential or public environments of a young and fresh style or a contemporary elegant mood.

Tonic is the most recent result of the prolific collaboration of Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz with the northern-Italian company Rossin, for whom the couple previously has developed the COCO seat collection and the graphics for the product catalogues.

Lorenz Kaz

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