Design For Impact Boot Camp

Design For Impact Boot Camp

Frog Design and Austin Center for Design announced a one-day "Design For Impact" Boot Camp.

Held on Saturday, April 24th, this free event is intended for designers, technologists, marketers, and other professionals who are interested in extending their skill set into the realm of social innovation and design for impact.

Founded by frog Associate Creative Director Jon Kolko, Austin Center for Design (AC4D) is a new kind of educational institution launched in March 2010 with a mission to transform society through design and design education.

Recognizing the growing desire amongst designers to create meaningful change, "Design for Impact" aims to redirect creative design efforts to tackle humanitarian problems.

The design process is purposefully applied to issues of poverty, access to clean drinking water, equality of education, and other global challenges, and the outcome is a combination of products, services, and systems that are intended to better the human experience.

"My vision is that the hard work and dedication that designers put into making physical products, digital artifacts, and strategy work for Fortune 500 clients can be refocused on large-scale social concerns, and that new business models can be created to make this redirection of talent sustainable for all involved," said Jon Kolko, associate creative director for frog design and director of the AC4D.

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