VBAT Creats New Brand Identity for Telfort

VBAT Creats New Brand Identity for Telfort

VBAT, the Amsterdam-based award-winning brand development agency, unveiled the new brand identity platform for Telfort, one of the leading Dutch telecom providers.

Since its launch in 1996, the Telfort brand has become synonymous with value for money.

While their reasonable pricing is a distinct advantage in the highly competitive telecommunications marketplace, Telfort also needed to communicate the quality of their service.

The company asked VBAT for a visual identity to set themselves apart from other telecom providers.

The resulting identity shows two speech bubbles in a reference to a conversation between two people.

The new logo is an accessible multi-coloured graphic with round and layered shapes, relating to a cross section of people in a colourful and witty way.

This new look reflects Telfort's position as the aspiring, price-sensitive peoples' champion within this sector.

"Many brands within the mobile telephone market sector have opted for a monochromatic look and feel where a single colour connects all brand communication," said Eugene Bay, CEO and Brand Director for VBAT.

"We wanted to set Telfort apart from the competition with distinct use of colours and softer lines.

As VBAT's services covers both retail and design, we were able provide Telfort with an identity which can be applied across all consumer touch-points, giving the brand a consistent personality for consumer interaction."


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