VBAT Unveils New Identity for Amvest

VBAT Unveils New Identity for Amvest

VBAT, the Amsterdam-based award-winning brand development agency, created the new brand identity and advertising campaign for Amvest. Amvest is one of the leading real estate development and investment companies in the Netherlands, focusing on residential areas throughout the larger Dutch cities.

Since winning the pitch at the end of 2009, VBAT have worked on developing the complete Amvest identity. The logo acted as the launch-pad for Amvest's new market approach. Based on the logo design, VBAT have developed a new website, corporate brochure, brand book, brand movie, new interior graphics and signing, and a launch event.

The new-look Amvest is presented in a series of advertisements which have been created by VBAT to better reflect the company's commitment to its services. This is encompassed by their new motto, "New opportunities for cities and residents".

VBAT used 360ยบ degree photography by IzarinVanderLinde to reflect Amvest's approach: looking at project areas from every angle. Amvest's projects are centre-stage on the website to emphasise the company's credentials and abilities to create open, accessible and state of the art environments that give people and cities new chances.

The new ads, to be featured in real estate and investor magazines, focus on current issues in the real estate development market and initiate a discussion. The ads were made together with copywriter Bernd Weeke.

"The recent economic climate has had a major impact on the real estate sector and the industry is viewed with a sceptical eye. The old Amvest identity and marketing strategy didn't reflect Amvest's position or ambition in the marketplace," said Theo Lindemann, Brand Director at VBAT. "Reliable and solid are important in regaining trust, but that's not the way to build new hope and pride. Forward-thinking and innovation is what sets them apart from the competition. That's the spark which can touch people."


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