Crossing the Line - The 2010 D-Crit Conference

Crossing the Line: The 2010 D-Crit Conference

The School of Visual Arts MFA Design Criticism Department announced "Crossing the Line: The 2010 D-Crit Conference," organized by graduating D-Crit students.

Visionary design thinker John Thackara will deliver a keynote address on contemporary critical practice, setting the stage for the 15 graduating D-Crit students, who present on their thesis topics.

Their subjects-ranging from the design of personal memorial objects to the use of smell as a communicative tool in design and architecture, and from design and visual language in the films of Jean-Luc Godard to the applications and implications of car sharing-will fascinate, delight and provoke.

The fast-paced, daylong event takes place at the new SVA Theatre, designed by Milton Glaser, and is open to the public.

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