Exquisite Clock by Fabrica at Graphic Design Festival Breda

Exquisite Clock by Fabrica at Graphic Design Festival Breda

Exquisite Clock, an interactive art installation by Joao Wilbert/Fabrica, has been invited to participate in this year's edition of the Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB), set to take place from 8th to 30th May.

Exquisite Clock is a clock made of numbers taken from everyday life - seen, captured and uploaded by people from all over the world on an ever-growing platform. Built around an online database, the clock is available as a web 2.0 site, an iPhone application and a series of site-specific installations. In the Exquisite Clock featured at GDFB, the clock is projected onto a huge screen, which visitors can contribute to and interact with, since the Clock is a relational piece of art where the boundaries between artist and public, producer and consumer merge.

Users are invited to collect pictures of numbers that can be found in different contexts around them (objects, vegetables, surfaces, landscapes, cables, etc.) and participate in the creation of the artwork: photos taken with the iPhone application or uploaded on the website are instantly displayed at GDFB and around the globe.

GDFB is just one stop in the Clock's international journey through exhibitions and events, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum's "Decode: Digital Design Sensations" in London, which featured a major survey of the best contemporary digital art and design from around the world. Also this platform was designed for a real time response, to immediately display the numbers at the very moment they were uploaded from all over the world: thus, for example, the picture of a 3 taken anywhere on the planet was visualized in the blink of an eye as one of the seconds of the Clock in the London installation, and the same will be true in Breda.

Exquisite Clock was developed at Fabrica by Joao Wilbert with the creative direction of Andy Cameron.


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