Stefan Sagmeister to Share Things He Has Learned in Keynote at PromaxBDA

Stefan Sagmeister to Share Things He Has Learned in Keynote at PromaxBDA

PromaxBDA announced that the visionary and internationally renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister will be delivering a keynote address at PromaxBDA: The Conference 2010.

Sagmeister, an Austrian native, is touted by many as one of the most influential designers in the world.

As founder of a New York-based design shop, Sagmeister, he has created revolutionary designs for such clients as Adobe, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum.

The Grammy Award-winning designer is renowned for his work creating album covers for a variety of music artists including The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed.

Sagmeister has also authored and designed a groundbreaking interactive book, "Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far," in which he illustrates personal truths using large-scale designs.

Sagmeister spells out one of these maxims, "Trying to look good limits my life," by positioning the letters of the phrase on several untraditional outdoor canvases, such as a chain link fence and a swimming pool.

"Stefan Sagmeister is known for pushing the envelope with his larger-than-life designs, but his groundbreaking philosophy on productivity is also having a profound impact on the creative community at large," said Jonathan Block-Verk, President and CEO of PromaxBDA.

"PromaxBDA attendees will benefit immensely from this exclusive look into Sagmeister's uniquely creative approach to his work."


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