Road Diets - Time for Streets to Slim Down Too

Road Diets: Time for Streets to Slim Down Too

Humans are not the only ones that need a diet these days. The city of Long Beach has now put its roads on a diet too.

"Road diets" not only help safely calm traffic, they also offer pedestrians a friendly area to commute, shop and dine outside... significantly boosting economic activity and helping businesses' bottom lines.

Studio One Eleven at Perkowitz+Ruth Architects designed the curb extensions at the downtown Long Beach intersection of First Street and Linden Avenue, in the East Village Arts District.

These curb extensions add three thousand square feet of pedestrian space, roughly the size of two coffee shops or one restaurant. This extra room creates space for bike racks, better pedestrian visibility, and an increase in revenue for the city's small shops and restaurants.

Water-conserving potted plants and trees create a natural divider between pedestrians and automobile traffic. Pedestrians now walk more safely and freely, and shops and restaurants have seen a big increase in foot traffic. An initial event at the corner resulted in the highest receipt sales for one restaurant in its ten-year history.

Road Diets

Originally funded by the state on behalf of the standards set by Americans with Disabilities Act, these sidewalk enhancement programs have been warmly accepted by the local residents, shop owners and commuters.

This "road diet" has proven to calm traffic speeds and alleviate accidents while promoting a business- and eco-friendly environment.

Studio One Eleven

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