JDi Design Wins Eco Design Award

JDi Design Wins Eco Design Award

JDi Design has been recognised for its commitment to design excellence with the award of the prestigious International Design Excellence Award.

The TazzyTotes Produce Bag received a Bronze IDEA Eco Design Award for its eco chic solution for instore produce bags.

JDi Design's winning design is 100% recyclable and embodies ecological principles at every stage of its lifecycle.

It also features a unique bin label and an erasable marker for writing names or bulk bin numbers with a non-toxic dry erase pen, eliminating the need for instore sealing and tagging.

The produce bag is part of a modular system designed around everyday shopping needs, from the moment you go shopping until you finally reach home.

The design team, Adrian van Wijk, Sandy Lam, Sam Richards and Jamie McDonald from Vancouver, British Columbia, focused on identifying gaps in the emerging trend to use reusable bags.

The result is an international ecological and economic success.

"It is very satisfying to see the thought and care we put into a seemly simple product receiving international recognition as well as market place success," said Adrian van Wijk, Design Director at JDi Design.

The TazzyTotes products have been on the market since June 2009.

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